About Zazuhome

We are the partner in the furniture industry for wholesalers, chain stores, retailers, purchasing organizations and project partners
in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
We only sell to resellers.

We supply oak, mango and acacia wooden dining room tables in various models, sizes and with various legs. With or without (black) Skylt matt lacquer.

In addition to the tables, they also deliver dining room chairs and sofas, bar chairs, armchairs and banks in different models.
We have a wide choice in models, color and fabric options, but also in leg and frame colors and stitching.

Are you looking for rural or industrial furniture? Then you've come to the right place!
View the furniture, chairs, sofas, armchairs and tables with us in Ulft at Oerseweg 5 or online here and be surprised by the great prices!
We are still busy filling our webshop, so unfortunately not all our products are online yet.
But come by in Ulft, they are there and you can also place your order there.

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